What's trending at the Moosewerks?

Alde Flow Continuous Hot Water

Wash those luxuriant locks with the retrofitted Alde Flow continuous hot water module.

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Alde Heating Fluid Change

The heating fluid in your Alde system changed on schedule while you wait.

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Adventure Overland Late Summer Show

Alde are exhibiting at outdoor shows around the country.

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A quick recap

  • First thing's first: Reset the control panel

    Go to the Settings Menu, press the red Reset button to restore factory defaults.
  • Got an error message? Reset the 12 V

    All error messages can be cleared by switching the 12 V power to the Alde system off and on again.
  • Still problems? Bleed air and top-up

    Fluid level should be above the Min mark. Always fill with Alde-approved antifreeze product. Tutorial
  • "Overheat Red Fail" keeps coming back

    Make sure the correct pump is ticked in Installed Accessories Menu. Tutorial