What are Alde-Approved Antifreeze Products?

Alde-approved antifreeze products are all magenta in colour

The heating fluid in the Alde system is comprised of 50% antifreeze and 50% deionised water and is vital to the functioning of the central heating and hot water.

Only fill and top up with Alde-approved antifreeze products. These all conform to Alde Approval 4070 2024, meeting the following strict criteria.

  • Lobrid formula based on VW specifications.
  • Available ready-mixed 50:50 with deionised water.
  • Protect against frost to -37 °C.
  • 5 year life.
  • Magenta in colour.
  • Manufacturing facility pass Alde onsite audit, including verification of ISO 9001 and 14001 certificates and batch sampling for QA.
  • Pass 2-year real-time, real world wet test.
  • Pass full term testing at Alde Sweden.

Be aware that in North America there is a different list of Alde-approved antifreeze products with a completely different chemical base.

Alde Protective Premium G12++, G13 & G12evo

Alde Protective Premium G13

Our own brand of antifreeze, made in Sweden. Available from our resellers and dealer accessory shops as 1 litre, 4 litre and 25 litre ready-mix.

Fuchs Maintain Fricofin DP and Fricofin V

Fuchs Maintain Fricofin V

Made in the UK. Available from auto factors as concentrate, also to Alde Service Partners as an exclusive, ready-mix in 205 litre barrels direct from Fuchs Lubricants, part number 601439896.

Comma Xstream G40 and GG40

Comma Xstream GG40

Made in Germany. Available from Halfords as 2 litre concentrate or 5 litre ready-mix.

Volkswagen Group G12++ and G13

VW Group G13

Made in Germany. Available from VW, Audi, Škoda, Porsche, SEAT, Cupra, Lamborghini and Bentley dealerships worldwide, as 1.5 litre ready-mix or concentrate.

Disposing of Waste Antifreeze

In the UK, you must not contaminate ground water with waste antifreeze or discharge to the fresh water sewer (drains).

You can only discharge to the foul sewer (toilet) if a special exemption is obtained from the local water utility. These exceptions are rarely granted for commercial waste.

Waste antifreeze can be disposed of at select recycling centres or by registered waste carriers.

Here at the Moosewerks we've partnered with Malary Environmental Services for Industry to collect and dispose of our waste antifreeze.

The base chemical in our antifreeze is endlessly recyclable. Keep it in use and out of the environment.🌍