Alde Flow

Alde Flow

More serviced pitches and aires offering mains water connection. More caravan sites with their shower blocks closed.

If you're bored of navy showers and want to luxuriate in the shower like at home, now you can with Alde Flow continuous hot water. Alde Flow is a fully automatic module that can be retrofitted to your Alde Compact 3020 HE or 3030 system exclusively at the Moosewerks. It allows you to shower for as long as you like, as long as your water supply lasts.

Most touring caravans and C-class motorhomes can accomodate the new module and plumbing. A-class motorhomes have more densely-packed equipment and many don't have room. If you contact us with the make, model and model year of your vehicle, we'll advise you further and ask for photos if necessary.

Retrofitting an Alde Flow is an all-day job, requiring specialist heating engineering and plumbing knowledge and a wide range of fittings. The heating fluid must also be changed at the same time. Our service bay will be dedicated to your vehicle on the day it's here, so you will have the waiting room to yourself, or you'll have plenty of time to tour the local area.

Alde Flow installed