Alde Heating Fluid Change

Close-up of Alde-approved antifreeze

The antifreeze in your heating fluid provides more than frost protection. It must also protect against corrosion and prevent the growth of bacteria.

Its the corrosion protection that expires after some years. Your dealer can tell you when your fluid is due to be changed* and may offer you the service, or you can contact one of our Alde-trained service partners. But if you're in the neighbourhood, why not bring it to the Moosewerks?

We only use Alde-approved antifreeze product, magenta in colour and protecting to -37 °C with a 5 year life. Our qualified heating engineers carry out the work in our service bay, configured specifically for fluid changes, and also check the system's functionality.

So at the Moosewerks we can change your fluid while you wait, or you can use the time to see more of the local area.

*If in doubt—for example, in a second hand vehicle—the fluid should be changed as soon as practicable.

Alde Premium G13 Antifreeze