Boiler Rebuild

Alde boiler repair close-up

The Alde Compact form factor was introduced in 1993, replacing the chimney-like Alde Comfort form factor. The 3000-series acted as a small-scale testbed and evolved into our first computerised boiler in 2005, the 3010-series. Ten years later, this high efficiency boiler was redeveloped with smart technology to become the 3020-series.

Hundreds of thousands of Compact 3010 and 3020 boilers are still in use today and the latest 3030-series was released in 2022, bringing larger hot water capacity and compatibility with two centrally-controlled, plumbed heating zones.

Alde boiler fully rebuilt

But sadly, not all boilers are looked after. 😟 With more second-hand caravans and motorhomes changing hands than ever before, this can leave you as the proud new owner of a neglected heating system with damage so severe it's unsafe and must be condemned.

If you have a condemned Compact 3010, 3020 or 3030 model, an Alde Service Partner can drain the boiler, cap off and send to the Moosewerks for a factory rebuild.

We will test each component to determine whether they can be swapped into a brand new boiler chassis. If any additional parts are required, these are added to the final quote.

We then rebuild, live test and transfer the serial number from your old unit. The whole process from start to finish takes only a few days, factoring in delivery and quotation.

Gas Safe Registered